Hik+ - Satore Studio
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Art, Entertainment, Lighting, Technology

The inspiration for this project has been a mixture of people, places, history, innovation but mainly our country and the talent that has emerged from it and as an ode to the people in Mexico, which we’d like to celebrate. A labyrinth is a space in which we find ourselves as people all the time. While looking for a way out, one goes through suffering, sacrifice and most importantly the defeats by which one learns. The meaning of the labyrinth is the constant struggle to find ways to create a solution to move forward. Labyrinths remind us of where we come from and where we want to go. The labyrinth’s function is to project and elevate some of the people from our country with exceptional talent, but most importantly, how we are and grow as a nation, helping each other with our talents to become a better country. The piece is a combination of digital art, real-time rendering, real capture of social media, motion capture and algorithms, all working together in order to create the images that appear in the building. Using various techniques of video mapping and some of the latest software available, the piece is looking at what can be done when all the different disciplines come together as one This piece has been our first collaboration with ENB’s principal dancer Isaac Hernandez as the character in motion capture.