Sehse - Satore Studio
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Light Design, Music, Technology

As part of the exhibition “Ciudad de Mexico, Luz e Imaginación”, we were asked to talk about the demo- graphic of the city and its growth. The piece is about the last one hundred years have changed the look of the city and its boroughs, based on the history and the sounds that have shaped it. Each one of the boroughs was created as a light box, with the LED tape growing slowly across the “ten minute” installation, with the pixels not only growing but also moving across the borough. The second part of the installation, are the texts that appear on each side of the room. On one side, there is a counter, which every minute runs the number of people living in each borough, including those boroughs that existed at the time, but then seized to exist. The second text is the most important news that happened in that decade, thus placing us within the elements that were shaping the city. In the sound design, we can hear how the sounds that were being created in the city, as the center of a country, shaping the way that they influenced the rest of the country while molding the movement within the city. The last part of the piece is a projection of the city slowly across the ten minutes.

Venue: Museo de la Ciudad (CDMX)