Nierka - Satore Studio
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Fashion, Light Design, Music, Technology, Video Design

“Nierka originates from my indigenous Mexican Huichol roots, it refers to the exact moment in which a power blossoms. Immortality and our sense of awakening are the inspiration behind this piece.” Tupac Martir’s Nierka is a multidisciplinary performance, in uenced by Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘The Yellow Sound’ and the trending new theatre philosophies from renowned Directors Richard Artaud and Gordon Craig. Music replaces script, creating a highly sensual and intimate story provoking the audience to experience individual audio and visual interpretations. The soprano and choir are abstract representations of emotion, creating an expressive universal language, whilst the dancers are representations of both our state of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Venue: Peacock Theatre London

Audience: 1700 / Family