Vive Focus Review - Satore Studio
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VIVE focus

Vive Focus Review

Satore Studio tried the first 6DOF standalone VR headset to be commercialized.



Recently a new gadget “The vive focus headset” arrived at the studio. At the moment the product has only been released for purchase in China. Later this year,  Vive Focus will be available in the global market as VIVE announced in March. Firstly, In order to improve the commercialisation, the developers are giving new options when it comes to design; the chosen colors for these new headsets are white and electric blue.

Secondly, you will see that the headset has 2 camera lens. Moreover, the cameras included are stereoscopic with tracking capabilities. In other words, these lenses are capable of locating your hand’s gestures.

The Vive focus is the first 6DOF standalone VR headset on the market. In the past mobility was a problem. Nowadays, one of the points to highlight is the user’s freedom to move around without the headset being plugged into a computer or external sensors.

This headset has a field visibility of 110 degrees, a world-scale tracking and internal 9-axis and proximity sensors which protect the user to bump into objects around.

 The pros :

  •  The wireless system is user-friendly
  • The quality is better than the original Vive


The cons :

  • The VGA resolution isn’t good enough to support inside-out tracking,
  • It needs easier integration to the pc

The vive focus specs

Price :  ¥4,999 ($755.65)

Tracking technology & sensors: World-Scale tracking(inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom),9-axis sensors, proximity sensor

Display: 3K AMOLED, resolution 2880 x 1600

FOV: 110 degrees

Adjustable IPD: Supported

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 835

Storage: MicroSD™ slot,up to 2TB MicroSD™ external memory

For data and device charging: USB Type-C

Audio input/output: Built-in microphones, built-in speakers, 3.5mm stereo audio jack Wireless: Wi-Fi® 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, support to transmit contents to Miracast™ compatible devices

Power and battery: Built-in rechargeable battery, QC3.0 fast charging, up to 3 hours* of active use time, over one week* standby time


IMG_7221  IMG_7220