Internship programe at Satore Studio - Satore Studio
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Internship programe at Satore Studio

In the summer of 2017 Satore Studio wanted to get fresh thinking/skills  to incorporate new ideas into the studio. As this is vital to our creative process. After some deliberation, we embarked on creating a trial internship program, where people from all over the world who came to live/study in London joined our team.

Initially, the program looked to create roles focused on Developers with an expertise in Unity, Unreal and Machine Learning. In Addition, another two roles which focused on creative research and social media were also created.

All the interns were surprised with the relaxed atmosphere, where they were pushed to learn new skills whilst delivering across R&D and live client projects.

Here are a few comments from some of the interns;


“The ambience was probably one of the best things about the internship. I felt really comfortable and every issue I had was fixed as soon as possible.” – Jose Ignacio Rodriguez, Unreal engine development intern

“It’s quite chilled although you have deadlines, everyone is clear about what they want, I love that about the studio, the environment.” – Tezel Asena, Unity developer Intern.




Freedom to create and being available to propose ideas that are heard and supported by the leading teams is one of the highlights of the process. Satore Studio has become a creative laboratory in which new talents have the opportunity to experiment and practice what they have learned in their academic lives.

“To the team, I will say thank you for helping I actually propose many requirements and they listened to all of them and I truly appreciate and thank everyone for building the work environment, I did enjoy to work here.” – Chen Wang, AI developer intern.

Developing a VR museum or the creation of an AI system to analyze the sentiment effect of images, Experiential reality, VR and live performance and the creation of Social media campaigns are all part of the projects the interns worked on during their days at the studio.

Here are a few final comments from some of the interns;

“Working on this projects help me massively to my future.” – Olivia Carbonari, Research intern

“Everyday I learn new things at the Studio, I’m grateful with the team for being always available to sit next to you and show you the best ways of doing something, and how to improve your work.” -Laura Muriel, Social media Intern.


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